A strong business and association network

The region is famous for a strong business and association network and Aabenraa muncipality is no exception.

Establishing your business in Aabenraa muncipality wil give you access to associations and networks, which socially and professionally will benefit you and your company.


The primary network

Aabenraa Erhvervsforening is the primary network for companies in the area, where you - besides network - will gain advantages and discounts. Visit www.aabenraaerhvervsforening.dk for mere information (in Danish)


Active trade and craft associations

Furthermore, trade and craft associations are active networks in the local areas. Here, you will, among others, find (in Danish):

In the menu, which is not translated into English, you will find information about some of the local trade organisations in Aabenraa Muncipality as well as  Rødekro Kulturpris.

If you are interested in information about any of the organisations, please contact Erhvervenes Hus Aabenraa.

Ole Junker Strandlyst

Managing director

Phone: +45 7362 2028

Mobile: +45 4036 1231

Email: ojs(at)ehaa.dk

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